Monday, February 10, 2014

On the Rise: Eating a Banh Mi Sandwich and Other Incredible Breads and Sandwiches in Cleveland

The Banh Mi, a popular Vietnamese sandwich, is a favorite of the Phở Boys!  The trouble is that it is hard to find, especially done well.  As such, we usually head for Superior Pho, hands-down the best Pho in Cleveland!

Seems we may, however, have a new option, found at the Bread, Bakery and Sandwich shop called On the Rise(here, also, is their Facebook page)  And Banh Mi is not all they make; you name it in terms of artisan breads and bakery and they most likely bake it!!!!!! 

Here is what they have to say about themselves at their website:
Here at On the Rise we are a group of highly dedicated professionals here to providing the best bread, pastry, and lunch items around. We wake in the wee hours of the morning to provide the best morning pastry around. From our croissant , to our scones, and sticky buns. If bread is your passion, you have truly found your new home. We are constantly striving to provide the highest quality fresh baked breads, from our traditional french baguette, to our rustic italian bread, and everything in between. Our newer lunches are focused on highlighting the seasonality and locality that you have come to know and love. From the New Creation ham and gruyere to the Miller livestock roast beef. We believe with the upmost importance that you know where your food comes from and how it came to be. We have sought out individuals that care as much about what they do as we do about about bread. It is with this kind of passion that we believe change can be facilitated. Knowing where and how your food came to be is important. Our bakery strives to give you the most honest approach to food that we can. Through this approach we believe that real change can happen. 

Wonderful place, check it out!

(pictures came from On the Rise's Facebook page and wrote a nice article on the place.)